Framing the Dialogue


As I am reading George W. Bush’s memoirs and have watched his interviews along his book tours (O’Reilly had the best interview that I saw) I am reminded about the media viewpoint that W is less than the sharpest tool in the shed while BO is perhaps the most brilliant president we have ever had.  Even strong conservatives usually start their rants with something like “Look, we know that he is brilliant” followed by “but.”  We all know that everything before “but” is “bull.”  I repeatedly ask myself why the smartest president that we have ever had cannot give a simple speech without TOTUS (the Secret Service’s name for the Teleprompter of the United States).  It’s so scary it is funny (more a sickening funny than funny funny).  Even ardent supporters like Chris Matthews are getting in their licks.


Walter Mondale weighs in using the he’s brilliant, but…

Obama off TOTUS:

This should scare Obama when big liberals like David Letterman poke fun:

I believe that Obama and TOTUS had a tiff and TOTUS gets a little revenge:

Obama even used the teleprompter at a press conference to deliver a short speech:

Even Jon Stewart gets his licks in:

And finally the Onion News Network had this breaking story on POTUS/TOTUS:

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