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Post Card From the Edge – Health Care Reform

You may have gathered from reading my posts (Thank you so much for coming back) that I listen to a lot of talk radio.  A recurring theme that I have noticed lately is when the host “goes to the phones” to talk to callers.  Many have been asking about what to do next.  They have attended protests, called their elected officials, they e-mail, they get frustrated.  A local host (Glen Meakem) made a suggestion recently that is a great idea.

Mr. Meakem suggested sending post cards to our elected official expressing our positions.  Post cards avoid delays due to security concerns with envelopes and cost less to mail.  Let us flood our representatives’ (I do not think that they deserve to be called this) offices with post cards.  Try to visualize Senator Soinso’s staff being inundated with hundreds or even thousands of postcards.

Since health care is the hot topic, reform gets the distinction of being my first post card from the edge.  I used the term “edge” not to describe where our views are coming from, but to describe where we are on our seats ready to scream at the politicians’ insanity.  I have provided some suggested language (English) and even linked to a document that you may download, print, and send.  You will be responsible for postage.



If you need to find their addresses follow this link.

Let us remind the politicians that WE SURROUND THEM!

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