Framing the Dialogue

Portrait of a Spy

About a month ago I get my edition of Costco Connection in the mail and was excited!  No there’s wasn’t a sale on batteries (actually there was), but news of the upcoming release of Daniel Silva’s new novel, Portrait of a Spy, feature heroic Gabriel Allon.  I fastidiously set the date on my Droid calendar and planned to drive to Costco on the release day to pick up my copy.  I arranged my reading plan so that I could start the book that night.  I was excited on the drive that day.  When I got there the book was no where in sight.  Frustrated, I rechecked my calendar and it was July 12 yet there was no book.  I used the power of my Verizon unlimited data package to search Mr. Silva’s website only to find out that I had gotten the date wrong and was a week early,

Anticipation only heightened as I planned to retake the excursion the following week.  Fate of course is not always kind and of course my daughter needed my car for work that evening and there was no way I could finish work, drive to Costoc, and get home in time…unless???  Unless I took off work thirty minutes early that day which I gleefully did.  I got home took care of some chores and settled in to experience the thriller.  Thriller is an accurate description of the novel as the author grabs you in the first few pages, locks you in, and delivers an exciting story of intrigue featuring a “retired” Gabriel Allon and his team of spies.   A leisurely walk in London with his wife draws them back into the world he longs to leave. 

As I have come to expect from Silva, he delivers the goods and my only regret is that perhaps the novel could have been longer.

Besides being a first-rate “spy” novel, Portrait of a Spy gives us a glimpse at the inner workings of the global war on terror and, hopefully, the men and women who are carrying on the fight for us.  Mr. Silva like many of his contemporaries doesn’t shy away from sharing his view on current politics.  though not overwhelming he has a definite viewpoint and one that I share.

“Hope is not an acceptable strategy when lives are at stake.  Hope is what led to 9/11.”

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