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Continuing with the full court press to keep his foot in the door of separation of church and state, Obama-ites are polling out all the stops.  Get it “polling” out all of the stops?

Public backs Obama in birth control fight, poll suggests

Obama, liberals, secularists, progressives, Democrats, and their ilk all love the battle started by Obama against the Catholic Church.  His latest shot (I’m not sure that it was his first) was to try, through Obamacare, to FORCE the Catholic Church to provide free services for contraceptive, sterilization, and certain prescriptions (i.e. the morning after pill) to all of their employees.  These services are directly contradictory to Catholic beliefs and teachings.  Needless to say the Catholics balked, screamed, and made Obama “back off,” but he really didn’t.  His response was to simply require the insurance companies provide the services.  As if the extra costs associated with these services won’t be passed along for the Church to pay.

“By a lopsided margin of 66 percent to 26 percent, Americans support President Barack Obama’s proposal to require private health insurance plans to cover the full cost of birth control for women, according to a new CBS/New York Times public opinion poll.”

This tactic ILLUSTRATES exactly how little Obama thinks of Americans’ intelligence and unfortunately it often works.  His partners in the media have been helping on a parallel prong by couching the controversy as only about birth control and conveniently ignoring the whole sterilization and abortion issue.  I’ve even heard Sean Hannity be tricked into phrasing it along the terms of “birth control” and he’s a Catholic.  That is the essence of them FRAMING THE DIALOGUE…and succeeding.  I am a Catholic and we used birth control and after we had enough little ones I got snipped.  That goes against the Church’s teaching, but I did it as many Catholics do.  That is why it is easy to get poll results like the above headline. 

Unfortunately the Left has won the dialogue battle so far, but there are many of us who recognize the BS and the Catholic Church is not backing down.  They have been correctly framing the argument and staying on message. 

Another issue that seems to be sliding under the radar is the fact that Obama is forcing health insurance companies to provide these services.  My insurance covered my vasectomy and that was a benefit that they offered.  If you think about it the price of a simple outpatient procedure is WAY cheaper than having a child.  That’s probably just good business.  There should be little doubt that Obama’s ultimate goal is to force insurance companies to pay for abortions thereby making employers pay for them.  He seems to have a great love of killing the unborn and famously fought for maintaining the legality of partial birth abortions while in the Illinois legislature.  It’s a vote where he actually voted “yes” instead of “present.” 

A few notes about polls;

  • He who commissions the poll probably affects the way the questions are worded (notice this poll was by CBS and the New York Times – both conservative organizations, or not)
  • The phrasing of the questions affect the results (i.e. leaving out the part about abortions and sterilization)
  • Who they ask the questions to affects the results
  • Where they conduct the poll affects the results (think about the difference between New York City and say Houston)
  • When they ask the questions affects the results (a telephone survey in the morning tends to oversample unemployed folks who are more favorable to handouts)
  • How they ask the questions affect the results.  Asking a series of questions that get a person thinking a certain way before asking the money question can get folks to lean toward your desired result.

Most polls are not worth the paper you use to wipe your you know what.

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