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Political Theatre

hopelessI’m sitting in a hotel “free breakfast” area on this crappy Sunday morning four hours from my home.  The coffee is quite good, the food is okay, the news is frustrating. My online news triumvirate starts with Drudge then I Hate the Media (website and my feelings about mainstream media), and end with Breitbart And this headline;

WV governor vetoes abortion bill, sparking outrage from national pro-life group

The bill protects unborn babies after 20 weeks.  So you would presumably be able to kill the unborn up until that point so this is at best a start on reigning in abortions.   West Virginia’s governor Tomblin sited legal concerns as his reason to veto the legislation passed by the Democrat-controlled congress is the state;

“saying it raised constitutionality issues for his legal team and attorneys for the state Legislature.  Because of the legal penalties it includes, Tomblin said, the medical community thought the proposal would unduly restrict the doctor-patient relationship to the detriment of the health and safety of expectant mothers.”

I don’t see this as ANYTHING BUT POLITICS!  If it’s not then why?

  • Does the concern of the legislatures’ attorneys come in to play BEFORE they pass the law?
  • Aren’t legislators swore to uphold the laws and Constitution?  So why would they pass a meaningless law knowing it would only be vetoed?
  • Any chance this was planned and they knew it would be vetoed and are now on the record in a rather conservative state as being against abortions?
  • Any chance they are using legislative politics rather than legislating?
  • Any chance more than a few of them are up for re-election in this rather conservative state?
  • Any chance Tomblin is not running for office in 2014?
  • Any chance we will ever find a group of media journalists who recognize this crap and hold politicians feet to the fire?

This is political sleaze served on the corpses of unborn babies. It makes me sick to my stomach. The good news is that I haven’t showered yet!

political theater


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