Framing the Dialogue

Point of Control

“It was her first realization that she was different from other kids. Eventually, she learned not to be violent. If you hit, you sit—in the principal’s office, grounded in her room at home, or in jail. Confinement was the worse consequence of all.”

In Point of Control, FBI agent Andra Bailey is tasked with finding two missing scientists.  Bailey has a rather short leash when a third scientist disappears.  Her sociopathic ways make her perfect for this job as she tends to look at the world with unfeeling logic.  There doesn’t seem to be any connection to the scientist…even their specialties seem different.  Bailey senses that something really big is afoot and races to solve the crime.

This was an enjoyable novel and it is interesting to see a detective exhibiting cold, unfeeling logic to her work.  It spun a different cast on the mystery especially when she is forced to face some emotions that she is not used to.


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