Framing the Dialogue

Play Dead

Play Dead is the first in the Elise Sandburg series.  Elise is a detective on the Savannah, Georgia police force.  She is a homicide detective and a very good one.  She is also rumored to be the daughter of an infamous “Root Doctor” from that city.  She has rejected that lifestyle for the more “legitimate” one…the more “real” one, but has a hard time outliving the legend of her deceased and very famous father and the wild stories that surround their lives.

Savannah is a city looking to the future, but haunted by the past.  When several dead bodies all of a sudden come back to life many fear the voodoo past and face fears of the unnatural.  Elise Sandburg has a new partner.  A northerner and former FBI with what seems to be a spotted past and he seems just a bit unstable with many of his own secrets like the city in which he now works.

“These days, it wasn’t the darkness that would get you—it was the people in that darkness. You didn’t work in a morgue without coming away with that lesson well learned. Homicides had doubled this year.”

This was a very different murder mystery.  The characters were well developed.  It was a very, very good book.  Almost unputdownable and that’s my highest praise level.

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