Framing the Dialogue

Pizza Bomber

“They were all obsessed with money, each of the three of the fractured intellectuals.  Their levels of violence and culpability differed among them, but their deceit and matchless desire for money pulled them together like magnets.”

One of the more famous things to happen in Erie, Pennsylvania was the Pizza Bomber in 2003.  The murder of a pizza delivery man using a bomb around his neck made national news.  The story was that he was forced to don the collar bomb and then rob a local bank.  The police caught him shortly after the robbery and while the bomb squad was on the way it exploded killing the man.

Written by the lead FBI investigator (Jerry Clark) and one of the reporters (Ed Palattella) who covered the case, Pizza Bomber is a look into the dark side of a small town and those who roam the streets.  One must be a little frightened when it becomes clear that unstable people are on our streets and alleys.  It is also a story about the cooperation between local and federal investigators or more specifically the lack thereof.

This is not a book that will grab you by the eyes and demand your undivided attention, but the you will be drawn and abhorred by the fact that these “fractured intellectuals” are among us.  Their actions and attitudes will amaze you with disgust.

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