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Pittsburgh Tea Party

Happy Birthday America!

I attended my first TEA Party this morning.  I did not know quite what to expect and one of my daughters even told me to me to be careful.  I told her that it was not that kind of protest.  I would guess that around one thousand like-minded people got together to share their displeasure with what is going on in Washington.  I could not attend any tax day tea parties as I work and could not rearrange my schedule.

This event was organized by Pittsburgh Tea Party and featured one of my favorite speakers, Glen Meakem who also served as the MC.  Mr. Meakem got the crowd off to a rousing start as he went through the litany of misdeeds of the current administration.  He was right on in his assertions, but in some ways he did not go far enough.  I do not think the problems in Washington (or any state capital) rests solely with the Democrats.  I believe that we are let down by most, if not all, politicians. 

I was a little surprised by the number of young folks there.  There were plenty of families with their young children in tow, but there were a lot of young adults there.  These citizens were not brought by their parents, but by their passion.  That is bodes well for our society that there are young people who get it.

I noticed that during one of the presentations Mr. Meakem was pulled away from the dais to be interviewed by a local television station.  I watched as Mr. Meakem talked to the reporter and seemed to be directing the camera man for a proper angle.  Mr. Meakem also removed his sunglasses before the interview.  Few things make you look more like you are hiding something than giving an interview while wearing shades.  It was nice seeing someone with media savvy working for our side.

I will let the posters of my fellow Americans tell the rest of the story:







 One of my favorite things to look for is how people express themselves via their automobiles.  I think that you can tell a great deal about the person from what they choose to display on their cars.  Most times when I see a car with a lot of bumper stickers, they are usually very liberal in their views.  I spotted this car from afar during the Tea Party and had to investigate.  I was pleasantly surprised…












































God Bless America…we sure need it!

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  1. patti weaver says:

    Thank you. I missed seeing this car in person.

  2. Connie Craven says:

    I liked your summary. Hope you will be at our next Tea Party. Freedom is important.

  3. Dean Hess says:

    I missed the car too, but enjoyed the tea party very much. Nice to see you there.

  4. The Unruly Trinity - Framing the Dialogue says:

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