Framing the Dialogue


“Singularity – A life-altering moment, when machines first match, and then exceed, the finite limits of human intelligence…a rip in the fabric of current civilization. And it’s just around the corner.”

— Ted Bell

A rash of seemingly unconnected catastrophic events rock the United States and other parts of the world.  This Phantom menace has world leaders stumped until Alex Hawke returns as Ted Bell’s agent provocateur fighting the unknown and very powerful foe.  Phantom has all that you would expect from a Ted Bell  novel and Bell even delves into the realm of the science fiction a bit and Alex is faced with additional threats from some unsavory Russians as he protects his “family.”

This was probably my favorite Bell/Alex Hawke novel…yet.  Ted Bell offers some insight into the Phantom is his afterword which is worth reading and it is where I took the two quotes.

“The only difference between science and science fiction is timing.”



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