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Penguins Visit Sparks Controversy

A seemingly innocuous visit to the White House by the Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins has sparked a controversy.  Traditionally championship teams visit the White House as the National Hockey League champions did yesterday.  The Penguins presented the President with his own hockey “sweater” and he got to pose with the team and the Stanley Cup.

Similarly, the Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers visited the White House in May to celebrate their exciting win over the Arizona Cardinals in February’s Super Bowl. 

The controversy erupted when the National Association of African American Advancement Alliance Avengers (NAAAAAA) raised a stink.  NAAAAAA president, Van Ayers sent a letter to President Obama complaining about the unfair treatment of the mostly African American football team.  It seems that when the Superbowl Champions Steelers visited the White House, the players were told to dress down as they would be “working” during the photo-op. 

Pittsburgh Steeler players helped load care packages that were sent to American troops serving overseas.  NAAAAAA’s Ayers objected to the fact that “brothers were expected to work while the all white hockey team celebrated and posed with the President,”  Ayers added, “The Steelers did not mind and it was for a good cause, but why not have the white players do the same.”  If you follow hockey you would know that there are very few black players.  “Why should the first African-born American President kowtow to this white league?”  Ayers said.

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs

The White House Press Secretary, who was inexplicably dressed as a penguin, denied any bias against the Steelers for having black players.  Press Secretary Gibbs offered that “if there was going to be any favoritism, the first African-born American President, would probably favor the blacks on the Steeler team over the penguins.”

Furthering the controversy, some right-wing bloggers have weighed in suggesting that it is not a black versus white issue.  “Obama put the [NFL football playners who are] Americans to work on a service project because he feels that we need to make amends to the world for our imperialistic policies.”  offered a blogger on the Daily Kooz a far right-winged web site.  The unnamed blogger suggested that the leniency on the Pittsburgh Penguins players was because most of them are not from the United States.  “It follows President Obama’s recent history of apologising to the rest of the world for our perceived sins.” the blogger added.

The White House would not comment on this recent theory although Gibbs grunted several times and waddled away with a cigar in his mouth when questioned by reporters.

More to come on this story…or not.

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