Framing the Dialogue

Past As Preview

I was struck, yet again, by a move by Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency.  They are looking to ban the sale of most rat poisons to consumers claiming that the move will,

“to reduce the thousands of accidental exposures of children that occur every year from rat and mouse control products and also to protect household pets.”

Who could argue against that?  They are trying to protect the children and pets and that has to be a worthy cause that even Republicans could not disagree with.  My only question is what happens to the rat populations now that killing the disease-carrying vermin are now going to be much harder to kill?  In my business rats are called “vectors” as they potentially carry disease and/or the fleas that carry disease.  Have you ever heard of the Black Plague and how that was spread.  How many children and pets are killed by exposure to rat poison?  Again the relative risk seems to be ignored when you consider that around 500 children under five years old drown each year with thousands more nearly drowning.  When is Obama’s EPA going to ban pools and lakes and streams and the oceans?  Oh and children should NEVER be allowed in cars and thousands are killed in cars every year.

I have a shed in my backyard that seems to be the perfect breeding ground for mice.  I have found that if I can control the vermin in the shed they do not venture into my house.  I used to effectively use the snap traps baited with peanut butter, but my fingers bore too many bruises from misfires as I tried to set the traps and I switched to D-con which is just as effective.  I have children (now grown) and a dog (now gone) and had never had them exposed.  I actually followed the directions on the label.  My decision is whether to go back to the snap traps or the much crueler glue traps, but most likely I’ll stockpile the poison and hope that the manufacturers will win their lawsuit against the burdensome government.

If you consider this action by the EPA in a vacuum it just seems like they are overstepping their authority.  When you look at all actions of progressives they do seem to be forcing us back to standards of living of bygone days; eras that our grandparents fought to escape and provide an improvement for their children.  Consider the implication of liberal policies:

  • Artificially pushing energy production to unreliable sources like solar and wind power coupled with increasing regulation of oil, gas, coal, and nuclear power.  Should they succeed what will happen during the next cloudy winter day that is briskly cold, but there is no wind?  Haven’t you noticed an increase in the availability of “Amish” log furnaces being sold.  Folks are hedging their bets.
  • Leftist heroine Rachel Carson wrote Silent Spring causing a necessary spark to evaluation the excessive use of pesticides.  The problem was that her message was taken too far and DDT was banned and a common tropical disease, malaria, that was essentially eliminated now kills an estimated 1,000,000 people each year, many of them children.
  • Government planners are always seeking ways to “encourage” people to move back to the cities which is contrary to the American dream of owning some property and enjoying fresh air.  The area where I now live was one of the places that government officials brought city folks to briefly escape the pollution of the inner city. 
  • Obama had been quoted as being in favor of higher gasoline prices (he just didn’t want them to increase too fast) which will force us into smaller, less safe cars and limit our ability to go where we choose.  As prices continue to increase only the elite will be able to afford personal cars.  Suburban living may be a luxury that can no longer be afforded by the middle class. 
  • The systematic destruction of the dollar will force many of us to consider the barter system to trade goods and services.  I’ll paint your porch if you fix my car. 
  • Concern about the scarcity of food has spurred an increase in “emergency” food services.  I am learning to can food as a long-term storage solution.  At some point I may not be able to count on power for my freezer.
  • There are parts of the United States along the border with Mexico where lawlessness rules and the government no longer is willing or able to protect its citizens.  Any person who does not take steps to arm themselves is at risk.  Of course if they shoot an intruder the full force of the government will be brought to bear against the property owner. 
  • Our local paper had a feature story about urban dwellers who have begun to house and raise chickens. 

When we take these actions as a hobby that is quaint; when we undertake them as a hedge against some potential tragedy that is smart; when we are forced to do them to survive that is Obama and the left.

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