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Pass More Legislation to Stop This Killer

This was my Bulls-Eye Rash. It showed up four days after I started getting sick and a day after I started treatment.

This was my Bulls-Eye Rash. It showed up four days after I started getting sick and a day after I started treatment. (FYI – It’s on my thigh)

Think about an insidious killer that you can barely see with your naked eye!  You never really know where he’ll attack or even, and this is the sick part, or even if he hit you.  It may be months before you feel his affects and by then it could be too late.  This little prick is the size of the head of a pin and sometimes no amount of care will prevent her from digging into your body.  Sure you’ve checked when you came in from the hike, but how easy is it to find an insect the size of a pencil point?  It is not.

Obviously I am talking about deer ticks and Lyme disease.  I unfortunately missed one of the little F-ers and paid for it with several days of high fevers, chills and bouts of dripping sweats.  A great weight-loss program though.  I thought I had some nasty flu, but in the back of my mind I thought Lyme.  My doctor thought it was bronchitis, but in the back of his mind he thought Lyme and fortunately started a treatment that would cover both.  My bulls-eye rash didn’t show up until well after my symptoms and treatment.  It just confirmed the diagnosis.  Being home for a week would have been nice except for the suffering and all that.  Friday wasn’t too bad.

beating LymeWhen discussing this with family, friends, and colleagues, the universal response seems to be “I hate ticks.”  I thought “Hey why not just outlaw them?”  That’s what we do in America right?  That would take care of everything.  Obama could throw a couple of billion dollars at the problem, look concerned for a staged photograph in the Oval Office, and numerous Senators and Legislators could run toward the podiums touting how they’ve solved the problem.  Passing another law has solved soooo many problems.  Right?

The real loss here is what I see as a reluctance on my part from going into areas where there might be ticks.  I love a walk in the woods, but if I know that I probably can never find a deer tick then I’ll always be vulnerable.  My doctor assured me that having Lyme once does not prevent me from getting it again.  That sucks.

Here’s to a new phobia….

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