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Parsimony – Illegal Hotline

In “Parse-imony” I break down current news stories with my pithy, running commentary…

First the headline…

Feds create hotline for detained immigrants

…and now the story:

LOS ANGELES — Federal immigration officials Thursday announced creation of a telephone hotline to ensure that detainees held by local police are informed of their rights [I thought that was what the courts, and lawyers, and hearings, and trials were for?]

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency said the toll-free number, 855-448-6903, will field queries from detainees [isn’t “detainees” just a fuzzy term for criminals who have been arrested by local police] held by state or local law-enforcement agencies “if they believe they may be U.S. citizens or victims of a crime,” according to an ICE statement. [Do you want to take a guess about how many “detainees” will use the number just to get the feds involved to cloud the issue and perhaps escape prosecution.  I wonder if the victims of the crime committed by the “detainee” has a hotline to call if they “believe they are victims of a crime?”]

The hotline will be staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week by ICE personnel, with translation services available in several languages. [At a cost of???? They are quite careful in writing this to avoid the term illegal alien.]

Scores of local law-enforcement agencies partner with the federal government under the controversial 287 (g) program, established in 1996, which deputizes police to turn over suspects or criminals to immigration authorities for possible deportation. Normally police do not enforce federal law.[neiter does the federal government for that matter.  Isn’t this just another big slap by Obama and Eric Holder at local law enforcement?]

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