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Parsimony – Boeing Blast

In “Parse-imony” I break down current news stories with my pithy, running commentary…

First the headline…

Drug raid nets dozens at Philadelphia Boeing factory

…and the story

PHILADELPHIA — Federal agents on Thursday raided a Boeing [second mention of their name] plant that makes military helicopters in a Philadelphia suburb and charged more than three dozen people with distributing or trying to get prescription drugs, among them powerful painkillers. [remember that the Obama Administration’s Labor Department has an ongoing dispute with Boeing]

The arrests were made by the FBI and the Drug Enforcement Administration at the 5,400-employee plant in Ridley Park where workers build aircraft including the H-47 Chinook [hey wasn’t that the helicopter that the Navy Seals were killed] helicopter and the V-22 Osprey. The plant, part of Boeing’s [that’s three] Defense, Space and Security unit, is also the headquarters for its Rotorcraft division.

It did not appear [“appear” but we really cannot be sure can we] to be an organized drug ring, but rather a “nebulous” series of independent actors, authorities said.

“These sales placed the individual abusers, as well as society at large, at risk,” said DEA agent Vito S. Guarino. [Maybe you shouldn’t fly on Boeing planes]

All but one of the 37 people charged were current or former Boeing [four] employees, U.S. Attorney Zane Memeger said at a news conference. He did not know what kind of jobs they had and said he wasn’t aware of any accidents or problems involving aircraft made by the suspects. [I’ll leave that up to you to draw that conclusion after I have planted the seed]

Indictments were unsealed charging 23 people with illegal distribution of a prescription drug, federal prosecutors said. In addition, 14 were charged with attempted possession of the various drugs allegedly being sold by their co-workers. [and there is absolutely no attempt by the federal government to send a message to BOEING.  It is a total coincidence for a company that opposes an Obama edict to in turn face some major publicity black eye]

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