Framing the Dialogue

Panties To Be Exposed

redacted documentThere has been a lot of discussion about what went wrong when an islamist terrorist was allowed on a plane flying into Detroit wearing a pantie bomb and was on a terrorist watch list and was given a visa by the State Department and bought his one-way ticket with cash, and was able to get his desired seat to maximize impact.  

Some have suggested that the fact that the pantie bomber failed is a testament to the ineptitude of the terrorists.  I believe that the pantie bomber was inept, but the network that got him to almost succeed seems pretty effective. 

Consider how much they accomplished even though the attempt failed.  If the terrorist organization had a better human resources department there would have been several hundred dead people in Detroit on Christmas day.

After a very late start getting on top of the issue, President Obama is talking tough and promises action.  This recently released redacted, classified Homeland Security document is proof of Obama’s commitment to find out who is at fault.

I have no doubt that the White House will identify a scape goat for this obvious breach of our security.

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