Framing the Dialogue


I’d read most of Ted Bell’s Alex Hawke novels, but had missed a few the past years.  When I saw Overkill at Sams Club I treated myself to the hardback.  The story had all of the main characters found in the Hawke series and even a famous Russian leader who is obviously bat-shit crazy.  You can probably guess his name.  The premise of the book with an assassination attempt, kidnapping, and general mayhem.  Hawke, of course, is in the middle of things.

“The President always traveled with his ‘end of days’ backpack.  That, and an emergency parachute.   The large black backpack was filled with cash, jewels, weapons and drugs, survival clothing and a little dried food, Imperial vodka, a few books, and everything else.”

I notice that this book is getting about 2+ stars on Amazon.  While it is not the greatest and some might call it a bit cheesy, but that is what the Hawke series is about.  He’s a uber-wealthy man with contacts with the most powerful agencies in the world.  Kind of in the James Bond realm.  Sometimes it seems over the top, but that’s what this series is about.  I actually enjoy this.  Mr. Bell, though, did the unthinkable for me…he ended the book with a cliffhanger.  I loath cliffhangers.

Funny thing in the book is that Hawke and friends spend time in Bermuda.  My wife and I traveled there this spring and found what some call Bermuda’s official cocktail…A Dark ‘n’ Stormy made with Gosling’s Black Seal Rum and ginger beer.  We still enjoy that at home.

“A waiter was summoned and Hawke gave the jolly little fellow in the bright red fez their order.  Forgoing iced tea, he ordered his cocktail of choice, a Dark ‘n’ Stormy.”


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