Framing the Dialogue


Outfoxed is the first in the Sister Jane series.  So “Sister” is just a nickname and has no association with any religious order.  It took me a while to note that to my self.  The setting is the world of Virginia foxhunting where young and old come together for the thrill of the chase.  Sister Jane is nearly seventy and, though going strong, feels the need to appoint a successor.  When one of those seeking the post ends up dead, things get tricky.

“What if I made them both joint-masters? There’s a strong current of support for Fontaine in the club. I can’t ignore that, nor can I ignore our financial dilemma. We need a businessman. We need someone who can think ahead. Crawford has that ability, Shaker. I can’t see my way out of this. I might have to make them both jointmasters.” Shaker reached down, putting another puppy in Sister’s lap. “They’ll kill each other.”

I’d call this novel quaint reading.  That’s not a dig, but for a murder mystery, there isn’t much violence and the story is more about the hunt club and the interpersonal relationships.  One of the things that I liked was that the animals talked amongst themselves and some of the species could talk to each other so I got a different perspective of the fox hunt.  BTW in Virginia fox hunting the foxes aren’t killed.  It’s all about the chase.  I really enjoyed this book and look for the many more in the series.

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