Framing the Dialogue

Our Representative Republic

a republicI love when members of Congress passionately speak and defend our democracy.  I wonder how many actually know that the United States is not a democracy, but rather a representative republic.  They are elected to represent our wishes.  They campaign on that and seem serious until they are elected when they do what special interests bid.  The headline in my local paper for this article was somewhat different and the purpose of this post is not about the meat of the article which can be read at this link.

First the first sentence;

“Congress last month passed a revamp of agriculture and food policy that was supposed to save the U.S. government $8.6 billion in food-stamp costs over a decade.”

My brief comment;

The passage of the farm bill (it’s not worth capital letters) was done with much fanfare.  Neither side seemed to be happy which in most negotiations means there is a tough, but fair compromise.  We are talking about Washington though.  In this case it means that both the democrats and republicans (again not worth capital letters) got something and America is screwed.  Focus on “save the U.S. government $8.6 billion…over a decade.”  If you do a little math that is 860 million each year.  That sounds good right?  Except that we have been spending ONE HUNDRED THOUSAN MILLION DOLLARS MORE THAN WE TAKE IN EACH YEAR.  Yes America Congress touts that “we’ve save you a large amount of money…just don’t consider that this amounts to a pittance when you consider that the federal government spends approximately $3,500,000,000,000.00 every year.  Most Americans either tune out or fall for it so I guess we deserve it.  For me it just gives me heartburn.

As far as the “Republic” I am no longer sure we kept it.


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