Framing the Dialogue

Open Mouth…Insert Foot

More Gruber.

This clip isn’t quite as telling as the “Cadillac Tax” was known, even though not widely covered and delayed until after certain elections. It is interesting that this arrogant wonk considers it bravery to go after people’s money. He reportedly was paid over $400,000.00 of your money for his input and advocacy. imageWhy wasn’t he “brave” and give that money back? I just love when rich folks tell the rest of us that we need to pay more in taxes.

You may have noticed if you are one of the 50% of Americans who pay taxes and do your tax forms that the last two years have included an informational line on your W2 that specifies the value of your benefits. That is what will be taxed in the near future as if it is income!

If this dollar amount is below some current threshold and you don’t have to pay additional taxes, don’t worry they’ll lower the threshold to take more of your money at some future point. Remember the politicians, both Demoncrats and Repukbicans voted to exempt themselves from Obamacare…and their little staff too. A certainty in life I’d the end of it and increasing taxes.

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