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Only Two More Til Ten

eight millionSo this post announces my finally meeting the eight million step mark.  I had hoped, no struggled to achieve in by years’ end, but did not make it.  I had nearly the last two weeks of the year off of work and found that a less structured day makes it hard to get the big step amounts.  My missing my goal did give me the dubious achievement of reaching 8 million steps on what is probably the coldest day in the last two decades.  Before you think that I am an idiot who walked outside when it was -15 degrees, I happened to have a planned office move that day.  Even though it was in the same building and floor it took a while and a lot of steps to get-r-done.  I did have to take a VERY brief walk outside to also get my 10K for the day.

So 8,000,000 steps roughly gives me just over 3,600 miles in just over two years.  I would like to get to the 5 million mark this year which would be 600K more than 2013.  I am not sure that I can do it and It’s been tough going this January with the weather.

I wish that my pedometer accurately measured the amount of time walking…real walking not just sprints to the copier or a dash to the bedroom.  The Fitbit has the feature of “Active Minutes,” but that does not seem accurate at all and depending on the pants I wear (more accurately the location of the pocket where the pedometer resides) it really under measures.

One new observation about walking for me.  Since the winter months have come and it’s getting darker earlier I have found myself walking in the dark more in the evenings.  I have a tip for any of you folks who are driving your car and encounter a walker.  Using your high beams to see me is appreciated as I don’t want to be hit, but your use of high beams also blinds me to the point where I cannot see you very well to do my part to keep out of your way.  Perhaps once you have a bead on my location you can go back to the low beams.  Even though you can see me, I still don’t trust you and would like to be able to KNOW that you are taking measures to avoid me.

See you in the next million.

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