Framing the Dialogue

Only Time Will Tell

only time will tell 2Only Time Will Tell is the first in the Clifton Chronicles detailing the lives of the wealthy Barrington family and the not so fortunate Clifton clan.  Set in England in the early 20th Century author Jeffrey Archer  intertwines these families as they go through life.  As is typical with an Archer novel there is discord, tragedy and love.  The setting exacerbates the disparity about how people are treated simply based on their birthright or lack thereof.

Mr. Archer has been one of my favorite authors over the years.  This story, as in many others, he has created a book that drew me in and kept me not just interested, but engaged.  That is not always easy with a book that is not a “thriller,” but Archer always seems to succeed.  The end of this chronicle had a cliff-hanger providing additional incentive to read the next volume.

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