Framing the Dialogue

Only Human

Rose Franklin and her colleagues are trapped in Themis and transported to the alien planet where she was made.  Some want to stay, some want to go home, but it becomes apparent that there is a need for them to return to Earth.  That’s not so easy and they are challenged to find a way to transport back home.

“know what you’d say if you were around. Stop whining, Vincent, and find a way out of this mess. I’m trying.  Believe me, I’m trying, but I’m running out of options. We’re stuck in a ball of metal fifteen floors high with no food or water. The controls have somehow been turned off, and Themis won’t move. We can’t call for help, we can’t get out. Kobayashi Maru. I’m all for not giving up, but I can’t just will us out of here. It seems so anticlimactic. Fight an alien invasion, get whisked away to another planet, then slowly die of thirst in a room that smells like piss. What was the point of getting this far?”

When they finally return to their planet, things have gone very wrong.  Can they save the planet from themselves?

This, the third and final, in the Themis series was the weakest of the set.  It still was enjoyable, but not as much as the first two.


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