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One Nation

one nationThis is the newest non-fiction from Ben Carson who came into my awareness when he spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast in February 2013.  The speech was “controversial” in that he spoke frankly and succinctly about the problems facing America.  The press went nuts because President and Mrs. Obama were also sitting at the front table and many lamented at Ben Carson’s uncivil remarks which were taken as criticism of Obama’s policies.  That’s the way I took them and I loved it.  There has been a groundswell of calls for Dr. Carson to run for public office and only he and his family can make that momentous decision.  In many ways I hope that he does run, but for his sanity he really needs to pray over that decision.

In One Nation Dr. Carson continues and updates his thoughts and solutions on many of our problems which should be no surprise that it includes going out and gaining knowledge;

“I frequently find myself reminding young people to expand their horizons of knowledge and not listen to those who tell them to limit their interests to things that are ‘culturally relevant.’  I tell them that if you want to be relevant only in your household, then you only need to know the things that are important in your house…if you want to be relevant to the entire world, program that computer know as your brain with all kinds of information from everywhere in order to prepare yourself.”

One Nation is a good starting point for the uninitiated (“low information voter”) as he points out some of the tactics being successfully used today;

“Whether by creating hypersensitivity or drawing angry reactions, Alinsky’s organizers’ goal is to make the societal majority feel that their opinion is the minority opinion and that the organizers’ opinion is the majority opinion.  The ability to co-opt the mainstream media in this endeavor is a gigantic coup.  If the majority of people who are rational, reasonable, and full of common sense feel that their opinions are out of sync with everyone else, it is easy to shut them up and beat them into submission.  This is what has occurred in America today.”

And there are too many lawyers;

“So you got all these Democrat lawyers, and you got all these Republican lawyers and their sides want to win.  We need to get rid of that.  What we need to start thinking about is, how do we solve problems?”

If you have read some of Dr. Carson’s other works you may not find as much new information here.  I enjoyed it as I rarely tire of hearing common sense being spoken from a public figure.  It doesn’t happen that often.

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