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One Education Under Obama

Somewhat lost in all of the ballyhoo over health care was a provision snuck in late in the process.  Did the Democrats add some language to provide some relief to doctors against excessive lawsuits?  Maybe they snuck in an allowance for insurance companies to be allowed to sell health care insurance across state lines and spread the risk?  How about a provision to allow more use of health savings accounts that accumulate throughout your lifetime?  What about loosening requirements for insurance plans to cover everything from addadicktomies, to botox injections (sorry Ms. Pelosi), to counselling when someone is mean to you?  I know they added a provision to make health insurance more portable?

Actually a provision taking complete control of student college loans was tacked on to the manager’s amendment and technically not the health care bill.  The House of Representatives never actually voted on the 2,700 page bill.  They “deemed” it passed and Obama promptly signed away our wealth our children’s wealth and our grandchildren’s wealth.  With its passage the federal government has total control of student college loans. 

“When the same man, or set of men, holds the sword and the purse, there is an end of liberty”

George Mason

Having two kids in college I am somewhat familiar with the morass of  the student loan world.  Both of my children have needed to borrow money for college tuition.  We used our local bank and had no problems (we pay off our loans on time).  Our problems started after we received the money and the loans are administered by American Education Services (“AES”).  This entity is perhaps the most poorly run government agency that I have ever dealt with.

We had set up our son’s loan to allow us to pay the interest on the loan while he is in school and he makes monthly payments.  The only problem is that the amount never seems to be the same and often the payments are applied to the wrong loans.  We also sometimes make extra payments to the principal and that has been a nightmare.  Beyond the bureaucracy, the folks who we have called to try to resolve their mistakes have been, in a word, rude and unhelpful (okay that is two words).

Now the federal government will essentially decide who can go to college and who cannot.  How long before official nationwide affirmative action quotas are created?  What kind of programs and classes will colleges be required to offer?  How long will it take for universities to make a social justice class part of everyone’s core curicuulum?  Most universities are nearly there anyway with far left-leaning professors and administrators.

The University of Pittsburgh has been under some pressure to divulge information regarding payments to terrorist Bill Ayers for an upcoming speech.  Terrorist Ayers’ (he acknowledges the moniker and laments that his Weather Underground didn’t do more bombing back in he Sixties) speech was deemed protected by the University of Pittsburgh who didn’t want to interfere with their student’s enlightenment.  Interestingly that same university cancelled an appearance by Glenn Beck because he is too controversial.  It should be noted that Beck was merely renting a facility from the university for a performance and not being paid by the university.  Isn’t that hypocrisy?

We have a local college who fought the federal government NOT take federal money.  Grove City College chose to throw off the yoke of federal funding so that they could be independent.  When students apply to attend Grove City they must forgo taking any financial aid from the federal government.  It is a private school and they have some interesting policies.  None of their professors are tenured so they have to perform and they all sign a code of conduct statement. 

If you visit their website you’ll notice that the cost to attend Grove City College is around $20K which includes room/board and a laptop.  That is fairly cheap and they have been pretty generous with grants, but students must have to take loans.  With Obamaloans what happens to the independence of Grove City College (I believe that Hillsdale College is the same)?  Like they did in the 1980’s with their fight I suspect that they will fight again.

Obama and the Democrats have taken a bit of freedom away bundled it, as usual, in the “wrapping paper” of justice.

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