Framing the Dialogue

O’Hara’s Choice

It has probably been over 20 years since I read Leon Uris’s Trinity and it became one of my favorite books.  I don’t know why I hadn’t kept up with the works of this talented author, but finally read O’Hara’s Choice which was written a few years ago.  The story centers around a Juliet and Romeo-like scenario of forbidden love.  Set in the post-Civil War era America with historical flashbacks, the book obviously illustrates the plight of former slaves, but also the trials of other immigrants and the Irish in particular.  In this novel Romeo is a “lower class” Irishman in love with a Juliet who comes from a new money family trying to burst into the old money culture.  Sprinkle in the struggle for the future of the U.S. Marines and you have a the basis of this romance novel.

It is hard for me to critique a writer of Uris’ stature, but for me O’Hara’s Choice was simply a pleasant novel.  There was never, for me, the drama and fireworks I expected from a story about such a troubling period in the history of our country and the ending left me feeling blah.

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