Framing the Dialogue

Oh My…We Have A Long Way To Go

IMG_1275An article caught my eye as Pennsylvania’s new governor has floated another idea for a new tax.  He’d like to tax lottery winnings.  The Feds already tax the winnings, but apparently the state wants their piece also.  This is not an anti-tax post, but part of the newspaper article stunned me (see photograph).

Here we have a 40-something woman who claims to purchase $300.00 worth of lottery tickets every week.  Okay let me repeat that…she spends $3oo every freaking week to buy a chance to win big bucks and she seems to be driven by the fact that she won $2,500 a few years ago.  So she spends over $15,000 a year to win $2,500 every couple of years.  My God do we need to teach economics in our schools though it’s obviously far too late for this lady.

My guess…no my hope is that the $300/week number is a misprint.  Perhaps she only spends $30/week?  That would be slightly over $1,500 a year.  That’s only gasoline money rather than mortgage money.  That is still a lot of money and doesn’t make economic sense.  Heck she lives near Pittsburgh where she would get much better odds at the casino.  She obviously has the right to vote…I’m just hoping that she infrequently exercises that right!


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