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Off To Be The Wizard

imageI was not quite sure what to expected when I bought a copy of Scott Meyer’s  novel, Off to Be the Wizard.  I guess I sort of thought it would be in the same character as Wicked, but this is nothing like that series. It’s hard to descrIbe this without giving too much away, but the main character, Martin Banks, leads a rather dull life and still lives at home with his parents.  His evenings spent on the internet, not hacking, but was just “a guy who really liked monkeying with computers…seeing what he could get away with.”  He found something that began his journey to be the wizard;

“It was the kind of file nobody would ever look at.  Five terabytes of plain ASCII text characters.  Even Its name made Martin sleepy – repository 1-c.txt.  The moment that Martin thought, No san person would be interested in a file like that, was the moment he decided to give it a look.”

And thus began Martin’s adventure…and yours too if you decide to read this.  I would describe this as a light read and quite entertaining.  It was a good novel to read over the holidays and I have already purchased the sequel to read later this winter.

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  1. Martin Banks says:

    He doesn’t live at home with his parents, he has an appointment.

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