Framing the Dialogue

Off Kilter

off kilterCollin Cook is an average man.  He has a wife and a young family.  They struggle with bills.  They argue.  But they are happy until the unthinkable happens and everything changes.  In Off Kilter , Cook is just that as his life as he knew it is ripped away from him and he finds himself on the run.  On the run from a ruthless underworld organization; on the run from the FBI; and on the run from Interpol.  There seems to be nowhere to hide, nowhere in the world.  Cook is not a trained operative, but his life has thrust him into this world and he excels.

The novel held my interest, but as I neared the end I knew that this was book one as the story did not end.  This is a pet peeve of mine…really perturbs me.  I look at the books that I read as an investment of my time and am generally not happy about this “cliff-hanger.”  I also thought that some of the technology highlighted in the novel was interesting, especially the facial-recognition algorithm used by Interpol.  It seemed a bit far-fetched to be believable.

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