Framing the Dialogue

Occupy This

I have been forwarded secret documents from Massachusetts Senatorial candidate and former Obama advisor Elizabeth Warren’s plan for the “occupy” movement.  You may recall she took credit for the movement,

“I created much of the intellectual foundation for what they do.  I support what they do.”

The documents that came into my possession show the process or “intellectual foundation” for how the Occupy Wall Street movement decided what to occupy. 

Occupy Sesame Street

That didn’t work since Big Bird and Company are billionaires…

Occupy The Waltons

Alas no one under the age of fifty really remembers The Waltons (or uses the word “alas”)…

Occupy Wahlberg

Wait…he’d probably beat us up…

Occupy Wall Paper


Unfortunately no one was buying it…

Occupy Wall-e

He’s just too darn cute to occupy…

The NOT funny thing that they are not occupying:  The White House, over-priced universities (and they all are over priced), Congress, or labor unions (lots of money there). 

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