Framing the Dialogue

Obfuscate (ob – fuh – skeyt)

Obfuscate is defined in as:

“To make so confused or opaque as to be difficult to perceive or understand”

Synonyms: muddle, perplex, cloud

President Obama often starts his remarks with the statement “I want to be very clear” then obfuscates the topic.  (this is a semi-quote from Rush Limbaugh.  Since I was driving I have to rely on my memory as to the exact phrasing.)

Can you give me an example?

Example 1: The biggest example was one that I noticed during his campaign when he pledged to CREATE three million jobs.  Sometime around his election, he obfuscated his position and now promises to create or “save” three million jobs.  Creating jobs is quantifiable, saving jobs is not.  There is no way to prove or disprove that kind of claim. 

Example 2:  President Obama made this statement recently; “I want to be very clear: I will not sign on to any health plan that adds to our deficits over the next decade.”  Many people take heart in his statement, but I am not convinced and question his verbiage since he is the smartest president ever. 

  • What does “sign on to” mean?  The President signs legislation and does not “sign on” as he stated.
  • What does “health plan” mean?  The issue is health care and health insurance.  I am not comfortable with the new term of “health plan” as congress will not pass a “health plan.”  The legislation will create the agency that will then create the plan.  He can then be incredulous when the plan is created.  He will then send Veep Joe out to admit that they misjudged the health care issue.
  • How and who will determine what “adds to our deficits” means?  The White House already claim that the as yet unwritten legislation will not add to deficits.  Unfortunately every other organization, including the Congressional Budget Office, disagrees with that claim and report that significant increases in the deficit will occur.  Someone has to be wrong.  I believe the accountants more than the politicians.
  • Why say “over the next decade?”  Details are that this will not really take effect until 2013 (coincidentally after the next presidential election).  Why not commit that this will NEVER add to our deficit.  I still would not believe it.  My guess is that once passed most of the Sheeple will forget yet another of his broken promises and we know that the main stream media will not remind folks.

Example 3:  President Obama jumped into the fray regarding the arrest of a Harvard professor who claimed that he was arrested because he was black.  Obama responded to a question; “I don’t know all of the facts…I don’t know not having been there, and not seeing all of the facts, what role race played in that…the Cambridge Police acted stupidly…there is a long history in this country of African Americans and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately.  That’s just a fact.“  He did everything but say that police officer had a “typical white” reaction.

One has to wonder why the de facto leader of the free world would claim that a local police department acted “stupidly” when he qualified his statement twice by saying that he did not know all of the facts.  As the facts started coming out he realized that he stepped in it and maybe his buddy Skip Gates was at fault.  So how does our president “clean his shoes?”  Never one to shy away from the camera, he made an appearance at the daily press conference.

Did he admit that he made a mistake?  No he obfuscated by saying “I wanted to address you guys directly, because over the last day and a half, obviously, there’s been all sorts of controversy around the incident that happened in Cambridge with Professor Gates and the police department there.”  The Washington Post actually had as their headline: Obama Moves to Ratchet Down Tensions in Gates Arrest Controversy. 

The President of the United States alluded that the arrest of his friend may have been racially motivated, stirred up historical incidents between blacks and police and called policemen stupid.  He took the opportunity to RATCHET UP tensions and then acts as if he is the peacemaker. 

Give me a break.

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  1. Mensawarrior says:

    Absolutely RIGHT ON! Couldn’t say it better myself….Da Prez makes perfect use of 1984 speak – just think the opposite of what comes out of his mouth and you’re set. I also have a pet peeve about Left-Wing Nuts always prefacing their latest propaganda talking points with….”But the real truth is”…..”The real issue is….” “But the fact of the matter is….” and Obama’s oft-used (as you so elegantly put it) “Let me be clear about ….” Boy I wish I could have the luxury of laughing this off; unfortunately the consequences of the Obama-Socialists will be dire and will be no laughing matter. We have yet to see that snake Rahm crawl out from under his rock – those dead eyes obfuscate the real agenda.

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