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N.Y.T. – Not Your Truth…anymore!

Times1“The New York Times. There is no news organization that is more influential with the so-called mainstream media. If The New York Times went on strike tomorrow morning, the CBS Evening News wouldn’t know what to put on the air tomorrow night. Everybody takes their cues from The New York Times. And under the leadership of its publisher, Arthur Sulzberger Jr., and its executive editor, Bill Keller, this once great newspaper, liberal, great newspaper has just descended pretty far down the list… But the problem that I have with The New York Times is that they’ve adopted a view of conservatives that is prevalent on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, and that is that conservatives aren’t simply wrong, conservatives are morally inferior. So that if they disagree with you on, let’s say immigration, Bill, you become a racist.”

Bernie Goldberg (In an interview on The O’Reilly Factor)

The famed Titanic of print media has seemed to hit its iceberg.  People have alternative media to get news and have figured out that what is presented as news by the New York Times may have a significant bias (Bias is also the title of a great book by Mr. Goldberg and a must read).  The left leaning NYT has been falling on hard times for a very long time.   Recent reports show that the NYT may have lost a quarter of its readership in the last six months alone.    Unlike the Titanic, there are no lifeboats, but they could do something to slow the flooding by answering a simple question.

How does a company expect to survive when its product insults/diminishes/disparages over half of its potential consumer base?

The decline in print readership is not limited to the NYT, but their fall is perhaps the most watched.  Is it no surprise that conservatives relish their decline? 

1028091034The New York Times reached out to me yesterday to make me a pretty handsome offer to convince me to subscribe to their paper.  I have never read the Times and if you gave me a copy, I probably still would not read it.  I consider these type of mail solicitations trash and generally pitch them.  I then remembered a brilliant posting that I had read that suggested a method of getting back.  I took their “postage paid” envelope, stuffed it with a ad for Sarah Palin’s new book, and dutifully mailed it knowing that now the NYT would have to PAY the postage.

Sometimes it is winning the little battles that feels most rewarding.

I am actually one of those people who still read a daily paper and I am about to go and get mine to read while I eat lunch.

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