Framing the Dialogue

Nothing to See Here

When an old high school friend reaches out to you with an offer you cannot refuse, do you answer?  What if you and the friend are from opposite ends of the tracks, yours being the bad side and you were used so she could flourish?  Why not drop everything to go visit?  What could go wrong?  It’s not like the kids catch on fire…

“I thought about Madison, maybe the most beautiful woman I’d ever met in real life, who was also so weirdly smart, always considering the odds of every scenario. If she had a job for me, I’d take it. I’d leave my mom’s attic. I’d empty out my life because I was honest enough to know that I didn’t have much that I’d miss when it disappeared.”

Nothing to See Here is a humorous story about a dysfunctional family with secrets they feel necessary to keep amidst high political ambitions and how a stranger makes a bond with two children who need the love.  A glimpse

This novel was a wonderful change of pace for me.  I won’t call it like reading, but no one was murdered…just a great story.

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