Framing the Dialogue

No They Can’t

One of the things that I struggle with the most in my life is trying to understand how anyone who has ever dealt with government can also BELIEVE that government is the answer to everything.  Somehow government can fix anything. No, They Can’t argues Fox’s John Stossel as he explains “why government fails – but individuals succeed.”  I remember watching Stossel’s hard hitting pieces exposing consumer fraud and he was the darling of the mainstream media winning dozens of Emmy’s.  That all changed when he, in his own way, started questioning some of the ivory towers of liberalism or as I call them, Liberal Alters’

“When I once suggested that politicians’ love of socialism kept India poor, Peter Jennings said my ‘bias’ was ‘an embarassment’ to ABC and demanded that I be fired.”

Stossel covers everything from the economy to the drug war to nature to health care.  Stossel is honest about his bias so you know where his starting point is, however, he brings in plenty of other resources to support his arguments.  He includes small boxes throughout the book showing “What intuition tempts us to believe” versus “What reality taught us.”  One example is:

What intuition tempts us to believe:  It’s good for government to encourage home ownership.

What reality taught us:  When government interferes in a market…bad things happen.

Watch a politician some time.  It doesn’t matter whether they are Democrat or Republican, for the most part they believe that they are the answer.  Where John McCain would have slowly grown government, Obama has jumped on the accelerator.  Both would have directed us to the cliff; it is just a matter of the rate of speed.  Oh and the government does their work at the point of a gun;

“I can rudely tell Microsoft that I refuse to buy in products – but I can’t tell the Internal Revenue Service to take a hike when it orders me to pay for the Department of Energy, foreign wars, monuments, bailouts, and everything else the government does, no matter how dissatisfied I am with the results.”

Stossel even takes on a major liberal/environmental icon, Rachel Carson.  We have a bridge here in Pittsburgh bearing her name.  Her “findings” in her book Silent Spring caused the condemnation of DDT and most other chemicals as bad for us and the environment;

“DDT is the best anti-mosquito, antimalarial pesticide known.  A tiny amount of is sprayed on the walls of a hut keeps the malarial mosquito at bay for as long as six months.  But thanks to a scientifically ingorant writer, the worldwide environmental movement, and politically correct bureaucrats in the United States and at the United Nations, the use of this benign chemical was discouraged, and killer mosquitos spread death.  I don’t expect apolgies from the people who permitted this to happen.  But I am thankful that finally, science overwhelmed the anti-pesticide hysterics.  The World Health Organization now calls DDT the ‘most effective’ pesticide for indoor use and supports indoor spraying of DDT and other insecticides.”

Where you aware of this or was this inconvenient truth not widely reported as the environmentalists continue to worship Carson?  It also needs to be noted that millions of people, mostly poor African children, died because of the ban.  There is just so much good information in this book that is should be required reading BEFORE YOU CAN VOTE.  Imagine the outrage on the left if we tried to educate the electorate before an election.  If you think the outrage about voter ID is a lot imagine the protests about teaching voters economics.  It is great that Stossel is on a network (Fox Business) where he can do shows about whatever he wants.  He describes the freedom at Fox and as the once-major networks decline Stossel’s show grows in viewership.

People do want the truth…they can handle it!

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