Framing the Dialogue

No Left Turns

“The reader may find in this account a tendency to emphasize the bizarre and absurd.  For better or worse many characteristics of Bureau life – which some people took very seriously – fell into these categories.”

I found No Left Turns in a bargain outlet for only $1.00.  It is subtitled “The FBI In Peace and War” and was written by a former FBI agent named Joseph Schott.  It was originally published in 1975, a few years AFTER J. Edgar Hoover died.  Most of us above the age of 40 had heard about the paranoid head of the FBI, but Mr. Schoot took a broad shot at Mr. Hoover’s FBI.  It was frightening to me to read about the pettiness of Hoover and his second-in-command and how they probably screwed up an agency that seemed to be the top-notch law-enforcement agency in the country.  It was interesting for me in light of the crap going on now, in 2017/2018 with the FBI and a seeming lack of political neutrality that it should have.

I’ll leave it to you to read the story behind the title and you’ll have to read most of the book to get there, but it is worth reading.  Amazon doesn’t carry this book so you’ll have to get from some third-party sellers.  I’ll be listing mine soon.

“Then Arthur went back to his field office and every time the Bureau telephone rang he jumped as though someone had slyly tweaked his genitalia.  He was waiting, waiting for the drop of the second shoe – the appearance of the inspectors.”

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