Framing the Dialogue

No Gulf Trip

Exxon Valdez, Hurricane Ivan, Ruby Ridge, Monica Lewinsky, Iranian U.S. Embassy take over, Bay of Pigs, and Hurricane Katrina were all disasters faced by White House different administrations.  Besides the worst economy and near 10% unemployment Obama has his first “natural” disaster. 

So what has Obama done so far?  Not much. Over a week after the disaster he has promised to escalate the federal response to the spill.  The citizens of the Gulf coast should feel pretty good as Eric Holder has sent a team of lawyers to “monitor” the oil spill.  That’s really what the wildlife, citizens, fishermen, and responders need is a bunch of lawyers.  My guess is that there are plenty of ambulance chasers there already.  This move should tell you all that you need to know about this administration.  Lawyers!  Really?

The liberals thought that Bush’s response to Katrina was bad.  Obama’s response is has been anemic.  Maybe this crisis wasn’t good timing as his plate is full with taking over Wall Street, Cap n Tax, and amnesty for illegals.  The local folks don’t have to worry about  the Secret Service and security as Obama has no immediate plans to visit the scene of the tragedy.  Maybe he’ll golf instead of Gulf?  Does Obama hate blacks?

My guess is that the White House war room is in full swing as his czars are looking for ways to use this latest crisis.  How about halting all oil drilling or shutting down existing production until everything can be inspected…by lawyers.  Henry Waxman is sure to subpoena oil executives.  Janet Napolitano will increase surveillance of christian groups.  Barney Frank is cruising Bourbon Street.  Nancy Pelosi can’t stop smiling…she is not happy about the spill, she really can’t stop smiling.  Harry Reid is trolling for a RINO to help pass amnesty.

As we already have gas prices creeping up on $3 per gallon, what affect will this have?

OK libs how does it feel?  I don’t expect the President to fly to every emergency.  He cannot actually do anything.  It’s generally all for show (so I am extra surprised that he hasn’t gone yet).  Get the government out of the way and allow the experts to fix this.

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