Framing the Dialogue

No Fortunate Son

no fortunate son“What Pike was doing now might not be legal, but it was just.  And she would do what she could to help.  She looked back into the mirror, remembering the terror.  Understanding  what Kylie was experiencing.  We’re coming.  We’ll find you.”

In No Fortunate Son Pike Logan gets some difficult news on the level of “no good deed goes unpunished.”  He’s concerned that the government that he has saved many times over the years has abandoned him rather than show gratitude.  He doesn’t expect medals, but to be treated this way is beyond belief.  At this low point a close friend and mentor seems to need his help, but Logan cannot relay on his usual resources…except for his own.

If you have read any of the Pike Logan novels by Brad Taylor you know that Mr. Logan possesses a formidable amount of internal resources…and he is not shy about using them.  He doesn’t struggle so much with what’s legal in as much as his metric is what is just.  Don’t read this book unless you are looking for an action-packed story where good (not virtuous) battles evil.


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