Framing the Dialogue

Night Heron

night heronThis from the inside cover;

“Set in China, and ripped from today’s headlines.  Night Heron is a pulse-pounding debut that reinvents the spy thriller for the 21st century, by an author who has experienced it firsthand.”

There is a lot of truth in that statement, but it was written by the publisher and while I found the novel entertaining it was not “pulse-pounding” as advertised and I am not sure that author Adam Brookes reinvented the spy thriller for the 21st century unless you consider the fact that China is the enemy the invention.

In Night Heron we encounter a former spy who all of a sudden reemerges from decades “asleep” and contacts an unlikely and inexperienced “handler.”  The story builds and builds to a decent ending though I wanted more excitement, closure, anything.  There are some insights into China and her treatment of dissidents and citizens in general.  Some interesting parts as the spy encounters technology that he has never seen before.  This is a good book and that’s as far as I’ll go.

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