Framing the Dialogue

Night Fall

John Corey and his new wife attend a memorial service in remembrance of the victims of TWA Flight 800 which exploded shortly after take off from New York’s JFK International Airport.  Five years after the tragedy there are still open wounds and doubt about the official explanation of the events leading up to the explosion.  In Night Fall Corey opens and investigation as only he can and in turn takes some heat from members of the federal government who don’t seem anxious to have him looking into the events of that night.

Nelson DeMille released this novel after 9/11 and I was interested to see how he would treat the events of that day.  As usual DeMille blends enough for those who are fond of sleuths and enough for those who like thrillers.  This is a novel well worth reading.

“Washington and the news media chose to see each and every terrorist attack as a single event with little or no connection, whereas even an imbecile or a politician, if he thought about it long enough, could see a pattern.  Someone needed to rally the troops, or some event needed to be loud enough to wake everyone up…Cops look for patterns that suggest serial killers or organized crime.  The Feds looked at terrorist attacks as the work of disorganized groups of malcontents or psychopathic individuals.”



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