Framing the Dialogue

Nicked by the Bullet

A few weeks ago I postulated about how much damage the lame duck session of Congress would inflict on the American people (Duck Duck Screwed). Like my Amazon Wish List, liberals had their own, more costly wish list that we would have to pay for. Many of these items were specifically not brought to the floor prior to the election as they were vote killers and would have likely precipitated an even more lopsided win by Republicans.

While Republicans were still in the lame duck minority in both houses, they had big street credibility to wield. As usual they bowed, for the most part, to non-partisanship and passed some questionable legislation. In their defense they did kill the $1.2 Gazillions omnibus spending bill which had as much Republican pork as Democrat pork.

I would characterize the dusk of the 111th Congress as “nicked by the bullet” as we didn’t dodge it, but it didn’t take off our head either. Americans got their spoonful of sugar (two year continuation of Bush’s tax rates) to help the medicine go down (extension of unemployment and reappearance of the death tax). The death tax should be considered an anathema to all Americans. Someone couched the criticism of extending unemployment better that I ever could by asking why not just put these folks on welfare programs. If you are getting paid for not working for nearly three years, that is welfare and we already have that program.

A repeal of Bill Clinton’s “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ policy was rammed through. My prediction is that this will push the gay marriage agenda and open the floodgates to many many lawsuits as military bases will have to have men’s rooms, women’s rooms, gay male rooms, lesbian rooms, transgender rooms, etc. This will give the ACLU and other leftist organizations a direct thrust at our military. Freedom isn’t free.

The DREAM Act (pathway for illegal immigrants to become citizens) was DOA, but the START Treaty was ratified. Vladimir Putin must be smiling. Michele got her “food police” act and the FCC is passing net neutrality and the EPA is going after our breathing (yes we exhale greenhouse gases – carbon dioxide). Though these last two weren’t congressional actions, they promise to be on the agenda of the 112th Congress.

We can, I think, finally say goodbye to the 111th Congress with the distinction that it is considered perhaps the worst congress of all time. In addition to being the worst, they were the most expensive.  CNS News reported that they added more debt than all prior Congresses COMBINED! That’s frightening.

The Democrats having received this strong message from voters of course kept both Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi in leadership positions. I think that we can be hopeful, yet not confident that the Republicans will control more of the agenda in the 112th edition. Republicans have a way of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory as long as there is media to please and cocktail parties to which invitations are coveted.

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