Framing the Dialogue

News Flash – Onion VS CNN

Washington, DC:  The Leek News Service has learned that the “fake news” service, The Onion, has filed a federal lawsuit against CNN for infringement on their long-standing fake news practice.  The lawsuit alleges that CNN has violated The Onion’s news genre of fake news by continually spreading fake news.  “CNN’s continued use of fake news in its broadcasts is a clear infringement on our schtick” offered an unnamed Onion source.  “CNN’s fake news has damaged our ability to write our fake news and makes it hard for our readers to really know which of our stories are fake.”

Surprisingly CNN’s lead attorney outlined CNN’s defensive strategy by noting that “CNN has been disseminating fake news far longer than The Onion” he went on to note that “CNN is considering a lawsuit against The Onion for copying CNN’s fake news agenda.”

Stay tuned for more!

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