Framing the Dialogue

News Briefs – Volume XI

News briefs are a collection of interesting news stories…

Brief 1:  The Democrats and Obama have been making some noise about providing subsidies for the dead tree media.  Maybe this is a quid pro quo since most newspapers have been propping  them up for decades and Obama for the past few years.  Before you get all freaky on this concept, remember that it has been used quite successfully in other countries.  The United States would join the ranks of Venezuela, China, Russia (they’ve gone a step further and have actually “cancelled” some journalists to decrease supply), North Korea and Nazi Germany. 

It's just not the same with a Kindle.

Brief 2:  In a related story an official from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence claims that the decline in newspaper readership is actually harmful to national security.  His theory is that newspapers are now hiring fewer foreign correspondents making it harder for intelligence analysts to judge “global trends.”  I believe the real reason is that spies no longer have newspapers to hide behind while conducting surveillance or passing secret documents.  You’d look out of place in most metropolitan areas if you were getting your news from anything on paper.  Or could this story from an Obama Administration official provide support for the desire to subsidize print media?

Brief 3:  Yet another young child crossed the line and violated his school’s “no-weapons” policy.  Eight year old David Morales was advised of his violation by the Tiogue School in Coventry Rhode Island.  Morales did not bring in a gun, knife, or even a really sharp object.  He glued plastic toy army men to his hat as a tribute to our military.  Shockingly some of these troops had little plastic guns hence the “weapons” charge.  I couldn’t make this up.  To their credit and probably because of national attention they are going to modify their policy.  Knowing bureaucrats they’ll tack on a few dozen more paragraphs to their policy rather than just using common sense.  I wonder if the new Toy Story movie will feature the animated plastic army men as they have in previous releases?

Brief 4:  Obama’s favorite world “leader”  and book club buddy, Hugo Chavez, seems to be having a hard time feeding his people.  Hugo’s socialist/communist government let eighty thousand tons of food rot in government warehouses.  Chavez had a brilliant solution and sent his goons out to confiscate food from private warehouses to “give the people what is their right.”  Economics 101 Hugo is when you reduce supply, but not demand, prices go up.  Economics 102 is when you mandate lower prices than the market can sustain there will be shortages and a black market.

“We are bringing order to prices.  There are traders who are taking these products to the black market … That is a crime and our government will continue to target these stores.”

I don’t think he meant Target stores.

Brief 5:  The North Korean team was crushed by Portugal in a World Cup match.  Portugal shut out Kim’s Angels while scoring seven goals in the most lop-sided match of the tournament.  The Korean coach looked rather distraught after the humiliating loss and having to face the lunatic leader of his country…can you say “political asylum?”  North Korea is, however, many years ahead of Venezuela and Obama and completely controls the media.  North Koreans will be told that their team actually won the World Cup by crushing the Americans.

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