Framing the Dialogue

News Briefs – Volume VIII

News briefs are a collection of interesting news stories…

Brief 1:  Big New York Brother wants to use the occasion of the failed truck bomb to “flood Manhattan” to stop future attacks.  Someone needs to explain how an inanimate object like a video camera will stop attacks.  Will they be fitted with propulsion systems to they can hurl themselves at would be attackers?  It would be more economical to use drones to fly over the city like on the television series “24.”  My prediction is that they’ll buy cameras made in China.

Brief 2:  The District of Columbia has passed legislation to allow the sale of medical marijuana.  In a related story, former D.C. Mayor Marian Barry has promised to seek re-election to “shepard” the program.  Either that or he plans on opening a shop of his own.  The related story is obviously not true, at least yet, but I wanted to beat South Park to the punch.

Brief 3:  By all accounts and predictions the Democrats are going to have a tough time at the voting booths this November.  I think it is too soon to make such predictions as I no longer have much faith in the American voter.  The Democrat governor of Arkansas, however, seems to have found a method to maintain some popularity.  I’d call it the groundhog method as he strenuously avoids any controversy and was described as, “ in sync with the prevailing centrist spirit of voters.”

Brief 4:  Our school district has a great reputation, has great teachers, and has significant parent involvement.  My kids have done well, but over the years they have encountered teachers who perhaps should have retired many years before.  Districts have had a hard time getting rid of under performing educators.  One of the few benefits of the crappy economy is that districts have to make some tough decisions yet will still be held to the Kennedy/Bush No Child Left Behind goals.  Districts are challenging the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers to allow teacher retention decisions to be based on quality rather than longevity. 

Brief 5:  Since we were discussing children and education a common goal of leaders is to instill a sense of confidence in students.  We don’t need to give awards to every student as competition is good.  Barack Obama’s science czar (science and czar has to be an oxymoron) recently spoke to a group of science students.  Czar John Holdren advised the future leaders of our science community that “We can’t expect to be number one in everything indefinitely.”  Actually Czar Holdren we can and do expect to be number one in everything.  That is what made us the greatest country of all time.

Brief 6:  The next time Celebrity Apprentice begins casting for the next series producers may want to consider “actor” Steven Seagal.  He seems to have the reputation for some creative use of personal assistants.  Not content with sending them for lunch, dry cleaning, and washing his car Seagal has been accused of using them as sex slaves.  How much money could he have made in his peak to still be able to afford staff 20 years after his last “hit?”

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