Framing the Dialogue

News Briefs Volume VI

News briefs are a collection of interesting news stories…

Brief 1:  Obamagovernment dictates an increase in fuel economy of 10 mpg by 2016 (to 35.5 mpg).  Estimate are that this will only cost you another $1000 for your next car, but it will save you over $3000 over the life of the car.  If you use government accounting (i.e. Congressional Budget Office rules) they probably assume that the car will last you 25 years.  In order to achieve that mileage they will probably have to be plastic so they probably won’t rust.  The only real issue will be when some 90-something-year-old T-bones you at an intersection killing you and all of your passengers.  Plastic cars kill.  The way it works is that an auto manufacturer’s has to produce cars that average the new standards.  So all companies have to produce is a super high mileage car to balance the lower mileage cars that American consumers want to buy.

Brief 2:  Mick Jagger famously sung “I’ll never be your beast of burden, My back is broad but it’s a hurting.”  Well I felt like a beast of burden after this news story.  The Tax Policy Center estimates that nearly 50 percent of Americans paid no income tax in 2009.  The actual number was 47 percent so that leaves the 53 percent of us as beasts of burden.  There is good news for those of us who pay taxes, but are not rich as the top 10 percent of wage owners pay about 73 percent of the tax burden.  I guess as long as someone else is worse off than you there may be a silver lining though not much of an incentive to reach that top 10 percent.

Brief 3Political correctness is the bane of society, but it is funny when a liberal gets in trouble in the PC world.  It seems that a New Jersey teachers’ union official made a little “joke” sort of wishing for the death of their new governor who is making tough choices to bring the Garden State from the brink of bankrupcy.  He has the audacity of suggesting that all government workers maybe do their part to help reduce the budget.  Governor Christie has called for the union leader to be fired.  Christie made news by winning the office in a Democrat dominated state.  He is proving to be one hell of a conservative leader. 

Brief 4:  I thought of a plot for a suspense novel.  Imagine that a larger country has committed an unspeakable crime against a neighboring smaller country and has actually taken over that county for decades.  Fast forward to now when the countries are independent, yet the unspeakable crime is still remembered and honored each year.  Imagine that on the anniversary of that crime the leaders from the smaller country were flying to the hallowed grounds to honor the dead.  Imagine that the plane carrying most of the leaders of that country mysteriously crashed killing all on board.  Imagine that the former leader of the larger country, who was also in charge of that country’s secret police raced to the scene to personally investigate the crash.  Unfortunately you don’t have to imagine that as most of the leaders of Poland were recently killed traveling in Russia.  Even if it can be proven that this was an accident I don’t think that many Poles will believe the story.

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