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News Briefs – Volume IX (It’s All Good)

News briefs are a collection of interesting news stories…

These are all GOOD!

Brief 1:  New Jersey Governor Chris Christie  is fast becoming my favorite state leader.  From tackling the state budget to  standing up to teacher’s unions he is showing a spine not often present in politicians.    The latest Christie-ism is his response to a reporter who had the gall to question his tone:

Brief 2:  Congressional Candidate Lieutenant Colonel Allen West is a plain-speaking politician who has strong, fundamental, conservative views.  You have to love this guy.  This YouTube video has over 2 million hits.  Any bets that is because of his message?

Brief 3:  You may want to sit down for this one.  Are you sitting?  The Baldwin-Whitehall School District (near Pittsburgh, PA) has announced a reduction in their tax rates.  You may want to lie down for the next one.  Are you down?  This is the third year in a row that the district has lowered taxes.

Brief 4:  Many progressive cities make a big deal about being “sanctuary cities” that will harbor illegal aliens.  It is interesting when elected officials openly proclaim to break federal law.  Mayor Allen Mansoor of Costa Mesa is working to make his city an official “Rule of Law City.”  Maybe California still has a chance?

Brief 5:  Many progressive cities are making a big deal about Arizona’s new illegal immigration law.  I don’t know if they actually read the law, but many are moving to boycott the state.  L.A. has made headlines about banning purchases and official travel to the state.  One thing they neglected to include in their ban is electricity.  Approximately 25 percent of LA’s power is generated in Arizona.  Arizona Corporation Commission member Gary Pierce has offered to renegotiate the power deal and eliminate that portion of the power that comes from Arizona.  No response from LA officials.

Brief 6:  The Texas State Board of Education has been going through the process of updating their curriculum standards.  That may not sound interesting, but the majority of the board is comprised of conservatives who are intent on reversing some of the progressive standards in textbooks.  This has been getting a lot of national attention because textbook manufacturers will not make fifty different sets of textbooks and they generally favor their biggest customer…Texas.  Don’t mess with Texas.

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