Framing the Dialogue

News Briefs – Volume IV

News briefs are my collection of interesting news stories that may not warrant a full post…

Brief 1:  It seems like the citizens of Japan want the U.S. out of their country.  The UK Daily Mail reported that thousands of protesters called for the removal of all of the estimated 47,000 U.S. troops.  Apparantly our troops are noisy and pollute as they protect the pacific rim.  I say bring em home.  Why spend our tax dollars to boost the Japanese economy.  There are a lot of communities in the United States that would welcome them and the money they spend.  We also need to take all of our equipment and defense technology too.  While we are at it, we can take them out of Germany too.

Brief 2:  This doctor’s picture should be in the dictionary under the term “chutzpah.”  Prescriptions from this doctor included such recommendations as “I wish you were here in the shower with me to warm me up.” or my favorite, “”If I were there, I would rub you and kiss you all over.”  I believe that it is illegal to have sex with a patient, but Dr. Red Hot Lover [self proclaimed] actually had the chutzpah to bill her insurance for the visits.  Hopefully Dr. Lover will find love with another in prison.

Brief 3:  I signed up for daily e-mail alerts from America’s Digital Goddess, Kim Komando and have gotten some good downloads and tips.  A recent one seems perfect for an aspiring politician.  It seems that you can turn your computer into a teleprompter.  I can imagine an infomercial pitching this…”Hey kids!  You too can be like President Barack Obama.  Read lots of speeches without really knowing anything about the subject.  If you order within the next 30 minutes and we will throw in five free speeches including one on Global Warming, Racism in America, Evil Insurance Companies, Hateful Republicans, and My Nobel Prize.”

Brief 4:  This story that I found on Breitbart may be the most telling harbinger that the Obama honeymoon is over in the lame stream media.  The Associated Press ran a story about the increase in homelessness in America under the Obama administration.  The only explanation that I can think of is that the author is new to the AP and did not finish reading his playbook.  He must not have known that there is not a “homeless problem” when a Democrat inhabits the White House as shown by Bernie Goldberg in his  book, Bias.

Brief 5:  If you actually click on the link to this article I don’t want you to think that I stole the author’s phrase about Obama’s honeymoon being over.  I compile these briefs as I find them.  Besides the author has another tipping point to show that the Obama thrill is gone.  Doug Heye notes that D.C.’s Union Station once was host to a myriad of stores pimping Obamagear, but now those stores are gone and boarded up.  It seems that folks don’t have the thrill up their legs for Obama like Chris Matthews.  If you still “believe” or want more “change” you should be able to get bargain Obamagear on ebay.

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