Framing the Dialogue

News Briefs Volume I

newspapersSometimes a news article makes me shake my head, but I do not want to base a whole posting on it.  I will collect these gems and present them as News Briefs for your enjoymnent from time to time.

Brief One:  I was stuffing my turkey on Thanksgiving morning listening to Christmas carols (a local station started them a week ago), but that is OK as I love Christmas music and this season.  At the news break, a story about an abducted teen caught my ear.  The teen was released unharmed, but the way the news was read made me shake my head.  It was suspected that the girl witnessed a recent shooting and was abducted because of what she may have seen.  So we have a young girl who may have witnessed a shooting getting abducted to see what she knew and later released.  The last thing that the newsreader said was that there were no suspects in the abductions.  YOU THINK?  Any chance that being abducted and possibly threatened could have anything to do with that. 

Brief Two:  The media was over themselves as President Obama releasing embryonic stem cells for research.  All of us were again treated to the left’s mantra about how President Bush banned embryonic stem cell research.  You would think at some point journalistic ethics (probably an oxymoron) would kick in and they would actually tell the truth.  Bush did not ban the research!  He and many others believe that due to the questionable morality of using babies tissue for research should not be funded using taxpayer’s money.  The NIH Director, Francis Collins, stated that “this is the first down payment [think that’s your money he is using?] on what is going to be a much longer list.”  The part of the story that ticked me off was the thought of “scientists finally to start using millions of dollars in taxpayer money to study hundreds of lines of stem cells.”  I like to follow the money.  If this holds such promise, why hasn’t some enterprising firm invested money?  Hopefully some enterprising individual will one day hack into their systems to reveal the real research results…embryogate.

Brief Three:  It’s not enough that the U.S. EPA is trying to designate polar bears as endangered species even though their population has exploded in recent years, it seems that on-line auction giant, ebay, is getting into the act.  Idaho decided to sell a limited number of Wolf hunting licenses and wanted to auction one of the tags on ebayebay to raise money for conservation.  Because the wolves have done so well since being reintroduced they are no longer considered endangered.  Ebay allows the auction of hunts, but made a determination to “treat all wolves in within the U.S. as endangered, regardless of their actual designation” and turned them down.  We can all feel safe knowing that ebay, the site where you can buy a piece of toast that resembles a celebrity, has decided to make a determination regarding the status of wolves.

Brief Four:  The newspaper headline read “Pregnant Teacher Assulted…”  This did what headlines are supposed to do and I read this.  The “assault” occurred when an unruly fourth grader hit and shoved his head into the teacher’s stomach when she tried to get him to come out from under a cafeteria table.  I certainly was not there, but using the word assault seemed a little strong, until you read on and the child has had bad behavior in the past.  The reason that this story makes my News Briefs is this quote from the school district; “The district does not tolerate this kind of behavior. He has been behaving badly for some time.”  There is no way any reasonable person would put those two sentences together.  How can you not tolerate this behavior while saying that the boys has been doing this for a long time.  It sounds to me like they do tolerate this behavior.

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