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News Briefs – No Joke?

obama jokeI am not sure how long the mainstream media will nip at the heals of President Obama so I’ll just enjoy the feeding frenzy as they seem to have remembered some sense of journalistic ability.  This cannot last as they fundamentally hate center and center-right America.  I am going to do this news brief a little differently as I’ll just post my favorite quote from the liberal writer’s article with a link to the full post.  I hope that you enjoy as much as I have!

Brief 1:

“His [Obama’s] dismissal of the request shows a man so detached from the duty of history, from the men who served in the White House before him, that it is unspeakable in its audacity.  Ask almost any person in this historic town; even his most ardent supporters here are stunned.  Obama long ago veered away from any affinity he may have believed he had with Lincoln, which gives credibility to the criticism that his connection to Lincoln was always a political calculation rather than a true bond.”

– – Salena Zito (Pittsburgh Tribune Review – Liberal writer) – –

Brief 2:

“A sorry excuse for leadership;  F rom President Obama’s Facebook timeline:  Barack Obama: Hey, America. Remember I promised a while back that under the Affordable Care Act, you could keep your health care plan if you liked? Turns out, I made a mistake and many of you can’t. Just wanted to say I’m sorry. Are we cool? (1:05 p.m.)”

– – Eric Heyl (Pittsburgh Tribune Review – Liberal writer) – –

Brief 3:

“Congressional Republicans have stoked consumer fears and confusion with charges that the health care reform law is causing insurers to cancel existing policies and will force many people to pay substantially higher premiums next year for coverage they don’t want.  That, they say, violates President Obama’s pledge that if you like the insurance you have, you can keep it.  Mr. Obama clearly misspoke when he said that.”

the New York Times editorial board – November 2

Brief 4:

“ We believe that the Act is good for health care, the economy, & the future of our nation. However, ACA options for middle income individuals ages 59 & 60 are unaffordable. We’re learning that many others are similarly affected. In that spirit we ask that you fix this, for all of our sakes,”  [i.e. it’s okay for everybody else, but not us – SUCKERS!]

- – Letter to their federal, Democrat representatives from – –

Brief 5:   ABC News

Brief 6:  CNN

Brief 7:  InfoWatch

Brief 8:  Fox News

Brief 9:  Jon Stewart

Brief 10:  Jon Stewart

Brief 11:  Country Music Awards…though I think they are pretty conservative.

Brief 12:  White House Press Briefing

Brief 13:  Jay Leno Part 1 – BTW Obama is waiting off stage during this monologue

Brief 14:  Jay Leno Part II

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