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News Briefs – Lying Losers and the Lying Media that Lifts Them Election Edition

election 2014 1I haven’t done a “News Briefs” for a while as I have been generally just posing individual pieces.  It seemed like a good time as we are just under a week since the 2014 midterm elections where the Democrats got swamped, dumped, blown out.  If you have read any of my stuff you’ll know that this pleases me.  If you read any of my stuff you may also know that having main-stream Republicans in more power does not make me comfortable.  So these new briefs have multiple subjects;

Brief One:  What went wrong with the polls?  Besides political commercials all that we have been hearing over the last few months is poll results, poll results and more poll results.  Politicians spend a whole lot of money on polls.  One would think that pollsters would want to be known as accurate, but that wasn’t the case for the past few election cycles.  Polls seem to now be based on the result that is wanted and then frame the questions on achieving that goal.  Are pollsters that stupid or are they just trying to affect the voters as in “my Republican candidate doesn’t stand a chance so I’ll just stay home.”

“Enthusiasm in the midterm elections remains in the Republicans’ favor — but the spread has significantly narrowed, according to a new Fox News national poll. “

Brief Two:  Voter suppression!  Here is just one gem from the lame-stream media;

“Thorn is one of the hundreds of thousands of Texans whom Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg predicted might have trouble voting after the Supreme Court ruled that Texas could implement a restrictive voter ID law in this year’s midterm elections. The law has strict identification requirements, allowing concealed carry permits and election identification certificates to serve as voting documents, but not out-of-state or student IDs.”

So based on a sample of ONE VOTER the HufPo expands that to “hundreds of thousands of Texans” who will be suppressed.  That’s a stretch probably by a factor of a gazillion.  Hey if they can make up numbers so can I.  I feel for the poor lady who probably had a full twelve months to figure out how to vote and what ID she needed.  My mother went through that a few years ago and had no trouble going from a driver’s license to an ID and she is older that this woman.  Oh and my mother, sad to say, is a Democrat.  Since we are talking numbers, the HufPo doesn’t mention that the rules apply to everyone, not just Demoncrats.  If you want to read more you’ll have to search for the article as I cannot bring myself to link to HufPo.

Brief Three:  You cheated, we’ll call you cheats in the press, let’s share power.  The Republicans, like Charlie Brown running towards Lucy and the football, almost always fall for that one.

“Barber said there were widespread reports of voting problems – the State Board of Elections said the election ran rather smoothly – and the shortened early-voting period and the elimination of same-day registration affected thousands of North Carolina voters.  “The magnitude of the problem may not be far from the margin of victory (for Tillis),” he said.  The NAACP planned to send letters to Tillis and Gov. Pat McCrory later in the day, asking them for a sit-down meeting to discuss backing off “extremist policies” and becoming more inclusive in their governing.”

election 2014Brief Four:  It wasn’t about Obama…it was about Congress.

“I think that the good that the president wants to do has not caught up with th frustrations of Americans. No matter how improved our economy is, there is no excuse for the Congress not producing anything. And most people don’t care who is responsible for the gridlock — did you do it? Do we have infrastructure? Do we have immigration? Do we have jobs? Do we have minimum wage? We’ve done enough saying, ‘we didn’t do it because of them,’”  – Charlie Rangel

For Mr. Rangel facts like tax laws don’t matter.  This election was about Obama (he even said so before votes turned against him) and incumbents didn’t lose all that much…except for Democrat incumbents.

Brief Five:  This is maybe my favorite.  We lost, but we actually won.  Even though we lost and lost big.

“Davis may not have won the battle, but she is winning the bigger war. When she wakes up Wednesday, she may be the woman who lost to Greg Abbott, but she will also be the politician who gave conservatives something to worry about. Her long term effect on politics will be felt beyond the midterm election. No matter how many years it takes to elect another woman in Texas, Davis opened up doors for women that can never be closed.  Texas women may be stuck with Greg Abbott, but Republicans are stuck with Wendy Davis’ powerful legacy.”

Yep Texans have to fear one-issue candidates who think nothing of exploiting a man’s handicap [the man she lost to is confined to a wheelchair] and run on nothing more than their average looks and a stand on abortion for all.

I’ll leave with this quote from the “leader” of the Democrat party…BO!

“What I’d like to do is to hear from the Republicans, to find out what it is that they would like to see happen,” Obama said. “And what I’m committing to is making sure that I am open to working with them on the issues where they think that there’s going to be cooperation.”

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