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News Briefs – Volume XXVI

News briefs are a collection of interesting news stories…

Brief 1: The progressives are all in a tizzy over something that Scholastic Books published that was favorable to the coal industry. An editorial in the New York Times outlined the “transgressions” committed by the book company,

“The lessons talked about the benefits of coal and the pervasiveness of power plants fueled by it — while omitting any mention of minor things like toxic waste, mountain-top removal and greenhouse gases.”

The lesson plan was funded by a non-profit group called The American Coal Foundation. It seems that the left doesn’t like when others use their tactics to mold young minds and try to get out a different message. An interesting charge was that the lesson did not provide balance on this issue. Just look at the terms used in the above quote. Why use the word “pervasiveness” rather than dominance or majority? Pervasiveness has a strong negative connotation. I have never heard of “toxic waste” coming from coal mining or coal-fired energy plants other than the left’s attempts to have fly ash (material removed from smoke stacks to comply with air quality standards) designated as hazardous. In perhaps the biggest irony they mention “greenhouse gases” as if any school books offer a balanced view of man-made global warming…sorry I believe the term is now climate change…much more flexible when actual data does not agree with the template.

Brief 2: The Barack Hussein Obama Administration may go down in history as the most porous group to occupy the White House. Admittedly my point of view only goes back so far, but they are still “leaking” details of the OBL assassination. I love this quote from the article, “officials briefed on the operation told The Associated Press. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity to describe a classified operation.” The “officials” should be frog-marched to the nearest military prison to await trial. These guys provide more details of classified operations than they do of pending legislation. Word on the street is that BHO’s armoured SUV will not bear this window cling.

Brief 3: First I have to apologize, but I thought Stephen Hawking was dead. Though widely regarded as a brilliant man, I cannot understand why he feels the need to insult the beliefs of others regarding religion. His recent comments that an afterlife is a “fairy tale” insults probably 98 percent of the people on Earth,

“I regard the brain as a computer which will stop working when its components fail. There is no heaven or afterlife for broken-down computers…What I have done is to show that it is possible for the way the universe began to be determined by the laws of science. This doesn’t prove that there is no God, only that God is not necessary,”

It is sad that a great thinker has no use for Heaven and will expend his energy to try to prove that there is no God. His “believe” or “faith” lies wholly within a material world. How sad must his life be to know that try as he might he will never be able to prove the absence of God. A child can always challenge his assumptions by asking “where did that come from?” seeking an explanation of the origin of the universe from nothing.

Obama's EPA will probably fine the resident for construction a water obstruction without a permit.

Brief 4:  Before I get to the story of unbelievable American spirit in the face of overwhelming damage caused by flooding in the Midwest I have to remark on the media coverage.  We were discussing the flooding at lunch today and I mentioned that I felt that the national media was extrememly quiet regarding the devastation that many Americans are facing.  They are covering the damage, but from 10,000 feet.  Where are the embedded reporters showing individual stories like we were treated to daily and for months after Katrina devastated New Orleans?  The destruction and affects on Americans’ lives looks to be far greater today.  Where are the celebrities?  Where is the President?  There have to be some golf courses being destroyed.  Perhaps it is because the affected states are “red.” 

I guess that it isn’t surprising that a story showing the spirit of those in “fly over” country appeared in a British newspaper.  Follow the link to look are more pictures of Americans who went to extraordinary measures to try to save their homes.  You have to love these people.

Brief 5:  The unrelenting attacks on President Obama continue by folks who are obviously racist.  The latest  called Obama a traitor and this guy is an expert on the genre.  The brother of Hanoi Jane sounded off on the Prez,

“I sent an email to President Obama saying, ‘You are a f(expletive) traitor,’ using those words… ‘You’re a traitor, you allowed foreign boots on our soil telling our military — in this case the coastguard — what they can and could not do, and telling us, the citizens of the United States, what we could or could not do’.”

Peter Fonda, a product of the sixties generation, star of Easy Rider, brother of Hanoi Jane made his big protest through an email!  An f(expletive) email.  That is just way too funny.  I wonder if BHO got the message on his Crackberry?  My guess is that Pete is going to get some scrutiny from the local IRS agents.

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